Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Welcome to The QH Blend Archives 2008 - 2012

Hello everyone! First thing is first, please bookmark this link: The QH Blend. It is the new location of the ongoing space where The QH Blend will be continuing in its next incarnation. This site has now transitioned into "The QH Blend Archives 2008 - 2012," collecting the first five years of my online work.

The switch to a new site was simply because I'd outgrown this arena and desired a broader space to continue. That said, without these five years I wouldn't have had the chance to do that. Here you can enjoy the older work and still follow my new exploits at the link above. This site will still be maintained in terms of keeping the links and videos active and moderating comments. Thanks to everyone who has supported me along the way. I hope you enjoy the remainder of the ride. Q.

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LaMusicLovr said...

LaMusicLovr says...Congratulations and best wishes, my friend!!! I'd follow your writing almost anywhere...I encourage you!!!