Friday, February 17, 2012

Remembering Whitney Houston

Ms. Houston's untimely passing came exactly at the same time I hit my exhaustion wall from school, The QH Blend, and my gigs for Big Break Records. I felt awful that I didn't have anything to contribute, initially, to honor her memory when I received the news last weekend. Honestly, I was sad and without words, and compounded with my minor flame out, I couldn't muster the strength to form anything coherent. That said, it seems my career retrospective on her from 2009 here, that proceeded my review in the Dayton City Paper of I Look to You (2009) has found a new audience, and I'm glad I could in that way honor this woman.

Often, in the realm of writing, especially about music, politics gets in the way of integrity and compassion. Ms. Houston's death has brought out some of the worst in those I'd call peers in our field. It also has, thankfully, brought out the best in others. I am honored to share three pieces that I feel, summed up Ms. Houston, capturing her complexity and artistry, and embraced it all with respect and love.

They are...

Jennifer of The Adventures of an Audio Diva: 20 Whitney Houston Singles I Love (and Will Always Sing Badly To)

Steve Flemming Jr. of Aural Examination: Find Your Strength in Love: Revisiting Whitney's Debut

On a "housekeeping" note, watch this space. New work, despite my school & work schedule being heavy, may appear here in the coming week. Otherwise, Godspeed Whitney, I will miss you, and hope you found the peace that seemed difficult for you to attain in life.-QH


Nakia angelique said...

Nicely done q

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the shout and linkage, Q! I'm in the company of some great tributes to Whitney :)