Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Best of Jennifer Lopez-Blend Style

Jennifer Lopez walked into the popular music sphere 10 years ago, consolidating her multi-entertainer platform in the process. Piggy backing on the "Latin Explosion" of 1999, Lopez's well-crafted pop drew detractors and fans.

Lopez's stream of pop perk shared the steamy "Waiting For Tonight," the bounce of "Play," and swagger drenched "Jenny From the Block." There were missteps along the way in the unnecessary hip-hop makeovers of "I'm Real" and "Ain't It Funny," and the faceless "Let's Get Loud." Her first serious stab at credibility on 2002's This is Me...Then was rounded out on 2007's ambitious outings: Como Ama Una Mujer and Brave. Those albums demonstrated Lopez's growing affinity for consistent, mature, but engaging pop. Her voice, subject of criticism, also had marked improvement and allure. This year, Lopez is preparing her first retrospective and presenting that her music will be around for the long haul. It's rumored to premiere some time next month. Best of collections have become diluted marketing efforts in the recent years, but there is a statement made with a "greatest hits." It represents longevity and strength and Jennifer Lopez has managed to earn her keep (hits) to have one for herself.

By picking up the gauntlet fellow dance-pop predecessor Paula Abdul laid down in 1995, Lopez married video and music easily. Even without her videos, her music exhibited pop chameleon tendecies: dance, ballads (Spanish and English), nu-disco, hip-hop-lite, etc. The pacing and selection for this occasion must be just so. No single should be left out, as she has been housed on Epic Records throughout her recording tenure. Her major and minor hits all have audiences, below is what should be considered for inclusion.

1. "Jenny From the Block" w/ Jadakiss and Styles P
2. "If You Had My Love" (Video version)
2. "Play" (Single Edit)
5. "Get Right" (Single Edit)
6. "Love Don't Cost a Thing" (Video version)
7. "Que Hiciste"
8. "I'm Glad" (Video version)
9. "Feelin' So Good" (Video version)
10. "I'm Real" (Video version)
11. "I'm Real" (Murder Inc. Remix) w/ Ja Rule
12. "All I Have" w/ LL Cool J
13. "Hold You Down" w/ Fat Joe
14. "No Me Ames" (Ballad version) w/ Marc Anthony
15. "Me Haces Falta"
16. "Ain't It Funny"
17. "Ain't It Funny" (Murder Inc. Remix) w/ Ja Rule & Cadillac Tah
18. "Alive"
19. "Baby I Love You"
20. "Hold It Don't Drop It"
21. "I'm Gonna Be Alright" (Trackmasters Edit) w/ Nas
22. "Do It Well"
23. "Waiting For Tonight"

Overall, Ms. Lopez's best of should be an affair that will cause conversation, that will favorably discuss a body of work that has held up better than anticipated.-QH

[Editor's Note: For more information on Jennifer Lopez visit: http://www.jenniferlopez.com/ -QH]


Reggie said...

Hey I Like "Let's Get Loud"

Anonymous said...

I agree with your article. I would be great if the Moto Blanco mixes of both "Do It Well" and "Hold It Don't Drop It" were included. I say so because these are hit versions. Both of them hit #1 on the Hot Dance/Club Play chart. In addition the opinions of these mixes are much more favourable than for the originals. I hope Jennifer moves away from those unnecessary Hip-Hip mixes are more toward English language ballads with the Latin-pop ballad production. Its lush sound works sounds very good with her voice. In addition, Nu-Disco and slick, sleek Urban/Dance-pop should continue to be present on future works. Thanks.